Top 3 mistakes people make when using the law of attraction

Mistake #1 :  Multitasking Manifestations

There is currently a myth going around in the LOA circles that it is possible to focus on more than 1 thing at a time to manifest your desired outcome. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes single minded focus for the manifestation of a desired reality. If your thoughts are scattered and unfocused, the energy required for the manifestation of your desired reality is also dispersed and hence ineffective.

If you want to truly become a Master Manifester and get extreme results, you must focus on that ONE thing long enough to manifest it. There are many Zen sayings about this and now even scientific evidence shows that multi-tasking is difficult and damaging to your brain.

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Here are some quotes that support One Pointed Focus:

“If you shoot into a flock of ducks, you will not hit ANY”

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.”

“Jack of all trades, master of none.”

“If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither”

So how can we improve our Manifestation ability ?

Tomorrow morning as soon as you wake up, I want you to ask yourself the question: “What is the ONE Thing I can manifest and that by doing it everything else will become easier for me?” Write down what comes, set the alarm on your cell phone for 20 minutes and turn everything off that could take away your focus from your desired manifestation.

Focus on this ONE manifestation for 20 minutes straight until the alarm goes off. Continue doing this manifestation diligently every day, until you manifest your outcome. Keep asking yourself the question of the ONE thing once you have manifested the FIRST one thing. It will take some time for you to be able to focus on ONE thing at a time but just like acquiring a new skill, you will soon be unconsciously competent in being able to focus your mind.


Mistake #2 : Failing to manifest from the present moment

A lot of people sabotage their manifestations by keeping on focusing on what they don’t want in life by letting their mind slide off into the past or nonexistent future. People put so much emotional energy into what they don’t want in life that they will manifest exactly that by continuously allowing those thoughts to run in the back of their mind like a projector.

We are manifestation machines literally having the power to mold our reality into what we want through our intent, yet we cannot manifest properly if our mind is not present in the present.  If we experience guilt, anger, frustration or regret then your mind is in the past, whereas if you experience anxiety, worry and fear then your thoughts are about the nonexistent future. If your consciousness is right in the present then you do not experience these random emotions and you are able to stay focused at the current situation only.  This is exactly what your mind requires for you to be a powerful manifestation master.

You are an individuation of the source god itself and by simply focusing only on what is in front of you, you are connected to the higher aspects of your consciousness like your soul, oversoul , avatar and rishi self ,  When at this state you can easily create powerful scalar waves of thoughts that can be programmed into your field  thus allowing it to pop out into your holographic reality .


Mistake # 3 : Belief that the universe alone will provide while not taking concrete actions in the real world

”The Universe will provide” seems to be one of the favorite quotes of the New Age “Love, Light, and Clueless” crowd. The Universe does NOT provide, in fact thinking that something like the “Universe” is responsible for your life and your manifestations is literally the height of hopelessness.  The universe is your current thought form made to manifest in the 3d reality. Focused thought manifestation and strategic action are what provides.

Imagine having 4 hungry kids at home coming to you and saying ” Daddy we are hungry ! ” and you answer by saying ” Don’t worry Kids , The universe will provide ……. ”,   If your neighbor would have overheard you saying this, you would be reported to the child protective services.

Whenever you wait for the Universe to provide for you, what happen is everyone else’s random thoughts and fears become your reality.   What you see in your holographic reality can be controlled by your beliefs, observations and intentions.  So stop waiting for the universe to provide and create the reality you want today by owning your manifestations and doing 3d actions that will bring this manifestation down into your reality.

These 3 are just some of the common mistakes that people make when using the LOA , To find out how you can expedite your manifestation process using the 3000 year old – Banned Biveca manifestation techniques visit :

Looking forward to hearing the story of your own spiritual progress,

Much love and respect,

Prasanth Joseph

“The human organism is not only a product of the universe but is a universe by itself.”