“After years of research, development and speculation, the code names and limited security clearance have been lifted; testing periods have come to a completion and this program for Financial Success is ready for use among the general population. The Millionaire-Creator Program™ has been revealed.”

The Millionaire Creator Program Ver 2.0

”The Millionaire Creator Program Is A System of Strategy and Advanced Manifestation Techniques Crafted From the Habits of Todays Greatest Business Minds to Engineer Tomorrows Greatest Business Minds"



The Millionaire Creator Program is not a collection of  general philosophies , neither is it your mainstream self-help book of the week or just another get rich quick scheme . This is a Program that enables its user to reach the pinnacle of their individual financial potential. The M-C program draws upon the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, nlp, design human engineering and subliminal imagery with which we can create a powerful new entity that is capable of realizing its infinite wealth making capabilities.

The Millionaire Creator Program (M-C Program ) was designed to be used by those from all walks of life :
Ivy business school graduates and directionless teenagers,  Business magnates and hot dog vendors , shoe makers and stock brokers, thinkers and laborers , house wives and political leaders. No matter what your current financial situation, the Millionaire Creator Program will redefine your identity and launch your financial life in an upward ascension with unmatched velocity.


In Less than 5 minutes, watch how you can change your life today.


What They Say

“The aspect of The Millionaire Creator Program that really struck me deeply was the financial opportunities it’s creating for everyday people. Anyone, anywhere in the world, in any situation, whether they are barely making it through or doing extremely well, can all of sudden become so much more.

The M-C program is a real break for those of all walks of life. With this gateway to a becoming a better and more financially successful individual, the playing field has never been so level. In this dog eat dog world, everyone either knows a sad story or is one themselves.
If this Program for financial success was on all 6 billion of our TV Racks, the world would have been a much better place”

Joseph Plazo

Founder, CEO and Chairman of Exceed International. Consultant to more than 14 Fortune 500 companies, author of the bestselling books
“Phd Of Persuasion ” , “Magnetic  Attraction “and several other titles .


The Conquest of Financial Success

Since the dawn of time, attaining wealth and riches have been a perpetual quest for mankind, whether it was the powerful senates of ancient Rome or the ancient Babylonian empire, the thirst to acquire wealth and the power that it accrued was an addiction. During that age, wealth and riches was exclusively concentrated in the hands of the privileged few. Now with the advent of the information age, much still hasn’t changed. While there are plenty of rags to riches stories in our time, success principles and financial success still eludes the vast majority of the people.

The nations of our time have invested so much money and resources in space exploration, funding war and developing new technologies, if only a fraction of this money would have been siphoned off into the exploration of the human mind and its adoption of success strategies, the payoff would be a million times greater than any investment we could invest in.

Luckily, the time has finally come; we now have the technology and understanding to create a powerfully effective and easy to wield method of channeling the Human mind into its most optimal state for financial growth. The Millionaire-Creator (M-C) Program will give its user, the power to obtain amazing results – Fast, when it comes to personal Finances and wealth building.

One of the reasons why The M-C is so revolutionary lies in its very architecture.  The content mimics the developmental processes of the people, an artificial representation of the developmental tendencies and inclinations of the human system.  Some would say the program embodies the very soul of financial success.


Watch how Joe used the Millionaire Creator to save his almost
bankrupt business

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How Does The M-C Program Work?

The M-C program is Engineered to enhance the 4 main factors that determine your effectiveness & ability to succeed on the wealth making plane through 4 distinct phases .When it comes to permanent success on the financial plane, you need to use all the 4 phases mentioned below which is embedded together into the M-C program to propel you forward to your wealth making destiny.



“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. ” William Arthur Ward

One of the main reasons that the vast majority fail to reach their dreams is due to their own self sabotaging thoughts and self-destructive beliefs. They are the barriers to our progress, the brakes to our life that slows us down and stops us from reaching greater heights.

With Phase 1s Mind Re-Engineering program, identify and eliminate all these barriers that stand in your way, whether they are negative money programming ids of poverty consciousness, lack, limitation or other self-destructive beliefs.

How does Phase 1 achieve this?

Mind Re Engineering uses a two-pronged strategy that targets your self-concept for change by eliminating self-sabotaging beliefs and destructive thought from your internal system, and programming it with a new operating procedure—a new structure of identity. A fusion of neural-linguistic programming and human performance engineering technology is used to recreate your brand new identity.

Remember, your conscious thoughts dictate your future, as well as reflect your present. By striving to focus your thought forces on what you will become through the M-C program, your self-concept will become bolstered, and strengthened. You will generate a new set behaviors and thought patterns, thereby dramatically enhancing your performance in the financial realm.

As your outer world reflects the reality you build within, your life will quickly transform; your external existence will morph to reflect your new self-beliefs.


Extreme Wealth Manifester

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force …… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”- Max Planck

Phase 2 of the M-C program uses one of the most closely guarded core secret of old mystery schools, stripped of superfluous rituals and blends them with the latest advances in mind research and neurobiology to help the user to effortlessly manifest wealth making opportunities.

This process is done by inserting a century old hidden scalar wave code (The Bi-Veca) into the user’s subconscious psyche using a technique called optical pineal induction in combination with a very specific protocol.

The Bi-Veca code had been successfully used for thousands of years by some of the most secret and powerful societies for their own financial gains (Is it any surprise that 4% of the population controls more than 60% of the world’s wealth and resources?) Due to the shrouded nature of these groups such doctrines remained untapped and inaccessible for the common man , but now with the advent of the M-C program , all that has changed.

Case in point:

Some of the largest corporations of our times know very well of the power exhibited by the Bi-Veca code and that is why they use it in all of their campaigns , while publicly ridiculing and suppressing these technologies – to keep those of mediocre stock in the dark .

Phase 2 of the M-C program uses the Bi-Veca manifestation techniques of old mystery schools, stripped of superfluous rituals and blends them with the latest advances in mind research, Vedic physics and neurobiology to help the user to effortlessly manifest wealth making opportunities. The Bi-Veca code is the Missing link in the science of advanced manifestation and reality co creation.

With phase 2 we have a potent weapon – a Samurai Blade that slices through all inoperative manifestation techniques out there, and takes your experience to a new level of consciousness – one where Wealth and prosperity are your True birthright.


The Millionaire Blue Print Installer

“Intelligence solves problems & produces money. But Money without financial intelligence is money soon gone.” Robert T. Kiyosaki

Those who attract success, make titanic fortunes and go to build their own brilliant corporate empires in this information age are empowered with a new type of skill set that leverages their position to the top of the pyramid of financial success. These skill sets can be effectively termed as the Millionaire Blueprint for the Information age.

We have come out with the key characteristics of the Millionaire Blueprint through exhaustive research and study on successful capitalists, Investment gurus and Generation X business magnates , We have uncovered that they use some fundamental prerequisites for their financial success. As with the law of gravity, they are universal and unchanging, No individual has been known to reach critical heights of financial success without acting in concert with these fundamental wealth principles.

Enter Phase 3 of the M-C Program – The Millionaire Blue Print Installer

In Phase 3 we hardwire these financial skills into your subconscious mind thus increasing your pool of financial knowledge and strategies. This will open your mind and let you see the raging sun through the noise-creating clouds, giving you the perspective necessary before beginning to make crucial strategy-driven change in your personal finances. With Phase 3, you will experience a paradigm shift; a striking change in your fundamental understanding of wealth principles and ability to deploy them at the right place at the right time.

Through the power of phase 3, the Millionaire Blueprint will be programmed into your subconscious to such an extent that they become part of your human system and will guide your thoughts and living existence thereafter. Thus your concepts about wealth creation and proliferation will be transformed instantaneously and your external reality will quickly be revamped to match your new metamorphosis.


The Action Launcher

“Once you’ve done the mental work, there comes a point you have to throw yourself into the action and put your heart on the line.” Phil Jackson

Action is the distinguishing factor between those who rise up to claim that of which they are capable and those who don’t.

The first three phases of the M-C program injects powerful wealth manifestation techniques and net worth boosting strategies into your mind, but this only half of the battle; the fourth and final phase shift is intended to power you through the gripping state of immobility that many fall victim to; compel you to put the valuable knowledge you’ve gained into action, and initiate you the user to a new level of Financial excellence.

With the sophisticated systems that comprise the Phase 4 for the M-C program, not only is the user armed with verified systems for financial success, but they will be equipped in such a way as to harness their will and volition thereby compelling them to act on their own behalf, and initiate a revolution in their ability to capitalize and act on opportunities for accomplishing financial freedom.

Never before has a self-development program been charged with more essential success strategy, and organized in such a user centric manner. Never before has a program been more intuitively designed—more intelligently compiled, and more electric in its contents.

With Phase 4s behavioral programming algorithm , You will know what it is like to live in the zone where money and abundance comes to you easily and effortlessly and you will act upon every opportunity and events within your power to forge this powerful new world of yours into concrete reality .

The 4 phase engine will thrust your wealth making meter forward, creating momentum that will be fueled less and less by the program and more and more by your new spawn of habits.

The science of human psychology has been interwoven with electric thought and a perfectly engineered structure to forge a new you . The M-C Program – Your answer to Financial success.




So What Price Would You Pay To
Finally Live the Life you were meant to live?

With the sophisticated systems that comprise The Millionaire Creator Program, we can easily charge anywhere between 2000 to 3000 dollars. But at the moment it is our wish that these strategies of wealth acceleration find their way into the hands of as many individuals as possible—those who in any other time, in any other place, might otherwise have let life pass them by.

With the price as affordable as possible, not one should be financially barred from the riches this product contains.  Invest your money in it, for the return will be an exponentially large multiple.

So For a Limited time we are making the Millionaire Creator Program available for not $249.00 as was initially decided, but a meager $97.00. The M-C Program is available only for a limited amount of time at this price, so make sure you grab your DVD today.

Return On Investment

You could do a lot of things with $97…
Entertain yourself, add to your savings for the future, treat yourself to a minor indulgence, top of your gas tank.  You could even buy yourself some extra-large pizzas. The choices are limitless… but your return on these choices, the payoff you can expect from such choices is most definitely not.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Rather than consuming something, you can choose to construct something.  A more lucrative existence is only a choice away.  Discover the implications a choice to invest in M-C Program will have on your life and evaluate the Return On Investment this program will command.

What’s the story of your life, starting now?
You’ve always wanted to succeed.  So many things you’ve always meant to do.  So many things you’ve always wished you could do.  This program for financial success is your solution to a lifetime of regret and lost opportunity.  Invest in The M-C program and stop the perpetual path of underachieving.  It’s never too late to make it right.

A dollar spent on the M-C program will create an exponential amount of dollars that you can spend on living your dreams.

Millionaire Creator

What You Get:

Instant Downloadable HD DVD of The Millionaire-Creator Program Ver 2.0

 Limited Time Bonuses with The M-C Program:

Neuro Fire | $100 Value

Neuro-Fire will accelerate your neural transmission speeds, increase your neuro performance levels, enhance your overall mental abilities and speed up the time it takes you to process information. To use Neuro-Fire just push play and watch your iq soar . You do not need headphones to use neuro-fire , you just have to listen to it.

Yogi Meditate | $100 Value

You could train to meditate for years.... But do you have time for that? Use Yogi Meditate so you can skip the mountain climb and take the ski lift straight to the top and enter the peak meditative Zone at will. To use Yogi meditate all you have to do is listen to it. The peak meditative zone that has taken Zen masters more than a decade to reach can now be your in 10 minutes.

Total value : $449.00

You Pay:$249.00



You will be charged a single payment of 97 dollars

As soon as your payment is cleared , you will be instantly taken to a secure page where you can download your product

The product Mp4 file is in a zipped file format of 1.2 GB



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